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Recipe for zucchini and shrimp cannelloni

Chef Carlos Arguiñano prepares the exquisite recipe for zucchini and cannelloni from shrimp in his TV program 55000 Recipes, delicious!

Ingredients (4 people):

  • 2 zucchini
  • 16 shrimp
  • 24 fresh garlic
  • 750 ml of milk
  • 60 g flour
  • Sol
  • Pepper
  • nutmeg
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • parsley

Preparation of the recipe Cannelloni from zucchini and shrimp:

Mia zucchiniand remove the tips. Cut them (using a mandolin) along thin strips (24). Save the tops and the remnants of the zucchini. Heat a casserole with plenty of water, season and add the zucchini strips. Fry them for 2-3 minutes. Remove, transfer to a source and drain well.

Peel shrimp and chop finely (reserve heads and skins to make broth another time). Add salt and pepper and set aside.
Remove the first layer of tender garlic and chop them into slices. Also cut the zucchini garnish. Stew the garlic and zucchini pieces in a pan with a drop of oil. Season. Add the shrimp and stew them. Reserve everything in the pan.

Add a little oil in a saucepan. Add the flour and stew it a little. Pour the milk little by little, without stopping to stir, grate the top a little nutmeg and boil the béchamel during 6-8 minutes concerning. Add 1/3 of béchamel (save the rest) to the pan vegetables with shrimp. Mix well and puree stuffed to source. Let it harden.

Expands zucchini strips. Put a little filling at the end of each strip of zucchini and roll them up. Divide the cannelloni between 4 plates. Heat the béchamel pre-saved in the casserole and add a little chopped parsley. Drizzle the dishes with béchamel, put them in the oven and grate them. Serve and garnish with a little parsley leaves.


If the béchamel you are going to use to cover the cannelloni has thickened a lot, you can lighten it by adding a little warm milk.

Nutritional information on the recipe:

In today’s dish the group of vegetables and greens with little presence of energy foods.

That is why less lettuce is recommended in her salad a little more chickpeas to achieve a more balanced menu.

For dessert one fruits (The milk used in the recipe replaces the milk in the dessert).

Healthy dish prepared in a healthy way, recommended for everyone and especially for those who want to enjoy a little cannelloni with moderate caloric intake.

Recommended dish for meet the needs of calcium and protein in the elderlyas it is cooked with milk.

Dishes like today’s help us meet the need 30 g of fiber per day, to prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes and colon cancer.

Tips from Dr. Teleria:

To cover your daily fiber needs, choose whole grains, vegetables and greens, which are the predominant foods on your menus, and eat whole fruits.

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