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A study by IATA-CSIC (Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology) in collaboration with Bodegas Murviedro, in the controlled production areas of Utiel-Requena, Valencia and Alicante, led to the discovery of two new varieties of wine yeast of high oenological interest which has the quality of improving the composition and quality of the wine.

The two new strains improve the composition and quality of the wine by selecting the natural microorganisms responsible for the fermentation of the vine, these yeasts, Murviedro 58 (BMV-58)“and”Murviedro 60 (BMV-60) ”Are not genetically modified and contribute in a natural way to improve the taste, body and aroma of the wine, in accordance with the tests carried out at the industrial level and the tasting system of the Murviedro wineries themselves.

In particular, the “BMV-58” yeast produces an increase in the concentration of natural glycerol during the fermentation process of the wines and a softer and less astringent liquid is obtained.

According to Amparo Cuerol, CSIC researcher and work coordinator, “glycerol helps to improve the taste and final body of the wine, providing sweetness in both white, red and rosé wines.” In addition, in the case of red wines, glycerol contributes to the production of wines that are softer in taste and facilitates aging in barrels.

Yeast “BMV-60” generates an increase in sweetness and secondary aromas (those obtained during fermentation) in the case of white wines, roses and young reds, compared to other commercial yeasts. In addition, this strain allows the pH of the wine to remain stable against other yeasts that increase it and thus cause the subsequent loss of freshness and stability of the wine over time.

These investigations are in addition to all those carried out in the world of wine to further improve the taste and properties of wines by removing the alcohol content from them and that some have already paid off, as is the case with the new Bodegas Torres. “Natureo”, broth with 0.5% alcohol.

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