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The Segovia Hotel Industry Association (AIHS) announces a new edition of Segovia Cooking Week.

XVI Segovian week of cooking

Segovian week of cooking“This is the main gastronomic event in the city and the province, along with” 5 days of El Dorado “, and this year 2008 will be held from 7 to 20 April.

More than thirty restaurants from all over the province will meet there. Which will offer menus as appropriate, different and modern, which Segovtsi and casual tourists will not resist trying.

In this “Segovian Cooking Week”, the typical Segovian roast suckling will rub its shoulders with new and innovative dishes full of flavors, where tradition and modernity come together to surprise dinner.

With these sessions, Segovian chefs want to show that dishes other than the traditional “Segovian” are cooked in their ovens.

This is not a joke, but for restaurants, Segovia Cooking Week is a challenge, as stopping to think and try new dishes is not an easy task in a city where tourists want nothing but beans from the Farm and Roast Baby.

All restaurants will take the rest and we are not the ones to advise you, as they all offer very tasty dishes on paper. Then on the table they should be much better.

We will show you these menus on the day of the official presentation of “Segovia Cooking Week”. Because all the establishments will present their dishes at the SEK University in Segovia, in a room where wisdom will give way to her friend “greed”.

Do not hesitate and get acquainted with the avant-garde Castilian cuisine.

The fame he wins is so great that even a Michelin star has approached the city of the aqueduct!


I will see you on another recipe.
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