Xavier Barriga cookie box, great recipes


Xavier Barriga’s cookie box, a book with delicious recipes for making your own cookies at home.

There are only a few days left until the arrival of Christmas. Holidays in which we will have the little ones at home flutter around us in the absence of any activity to occupy their attention.

For the latter and, by the way, to share with them his beginnings in the world of cooking, nothing better than “Xavier Bariga’s cookie box”, the new book of one of the most important and recognized master bakers in our country.

Although it is not specifically designed for the little ones, we can share it with them. We will prepare the dough and they, thanks to the fact that it includes six cookie cutters, will shape the cookies.

Xavier Barriga 4 cookie box

And it is that in Xavier Bariga’s cookie box We will find, in addition to the necessary utensils for making craft cookies, the detailed procedure for making the two most common types of cookie dough: cookie dough with sleeves and dough for sliced ​​cookies.Xavier Bariga's cookie box

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Two types of cookie dough recipes of all kinds and for all occasions such as raisin and rum biscuits, crispy dulce de leche cookies, coconut sables, crispy toasted almond donuts, chocolate butter horseshoes, Baked black sesame plate, Russian cigarette full of praline, biscuits filled with cream and lemon, soft biscuits with confectionery cream, coconuts, carcinolis, carrot biscuits and fresh cheese, rye milf with guacamole, wholemeal cookies and oatmeal, ecra Florentine orange and toasted pine nuts, small bites of angel hair, crispy biscuits with lemon and poppy, Passion coconut cookies, chocolate and caramel cookies, almond bars with panna cotta and many other preparations that we can make safely and with complete success thanks to photographs that accompany each of the 27 recipes that make up this book.

You know, if you want to surprise your family and friends with cookies of all kinds this Christmas, feel free to touch Xavier Bariga’s cookie box. A package that sells for 16’90 euros and which consists of a book with 27 new ones recipes by Xavier Bariga and six pasta cutters that will delight everyone.

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Xavier Bariga’s cookie box

Finally, it’s time for cookies, Xavier Barriga presents us with a few simple recipes, explained step by step. Thanks to the author’s advice, we will ensure that our oven produces many appetizing cookies that will delight our family and friends.

Written by: Xavier Bariga

Published by: Grizhalbo

ISBN: 978-8425349287

Available in:E-bookHard cover


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