X edition of the competition for provincial pinchos in Valladolid

The 10th edition of the Valladolid Provincial Pinchos Competition will take place from 10 to 15 June 2008.

In it, about 75 bars, restaurants and hotels in the Castilian capital Leon and its province will participate in a competition for pinchos, which is a national standard.

As this is a “round” edition, the tenth, the award ceremony will take place at the Calderon Theater in Valladolid on Monday, June 16. Closing party, which aims to give special meaning to this event, which with each edition exceeds all expectations of both the organizers and the participating establishments.

It is true that the deadline for presenting this meeting ended last Monday, the Provincial Association of Hotel Entrepreneurs (Apeh) extended the registration deadline this week.

As in other editions, the winners will be the main one, “El Pincho de Oro”, and three more for the best hot skewer, the best cold skewer and the best indigenous skewer, as well as another one for the best dessert skewer. .

These prizes will be an invitation to participate in the national pinchos competition “Ciudad de Valladolid” for 2008, in addition to the respective trophy and cash prize.

We will have to get a gastronomic map of the pinchos competition of all the bars that participate in both Valladolid and the countryside, and choose the participants and the restaurants visited one by one.

Last year we tried a few, this year I hope to go “try” more.

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