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The International Egg Commission (IEC) declared the second Friday in October World Egg Day a few years ago.

Today, the 10th, second Friday in October, the importance of eggs in human nutrition and their benefits for nutrition and health is remembered in more than 150 countries around the world.

In Spain, those responsible for celebratingWorld Egg DayMembers of the Egg Research Institute. A non-profit organization established in 1996 to promote the research, dissemination and protection of the image of the egg.

On the occasion of this holiday, the Institute for Egg Research celebrates an act, which in this edition celebrated yesterday the 9th, in which two awards are presented, Research Award and Gold awardwhich aim to promote the research into food, health, nutrition or food safety related to that food and its derivatives, and to reward public recognition for the work of humans and entities that defend the role of this exceptional food in the context of the Mediterranean diet.

The Institute for Egg Research always defends the convenience of consuming eggs as part of a healthy and balanced diet, as it is a high-value food that, together with the relatively low caloric intake (75 kilocalories per unit), makes it a major component in any type of diet.

We have known since ancient times that eggs are a rich source of protein, lipids, vitamins and essential minerals that undoubtedly contribute to a healthy diet. Although nutrition experts emphasize that within this balanced diet and depending on other aspects such as age, health or lifestyle, the weekly consumption of eggs should be between 3 and 5 units.

From El Aderezzo we remind you that the egg is not only a “cheap” food with unsurpassed nutritional quality, but at the same time on its own merit is a major component in Mediterranean food and gastronomy. Unless allergies and medical reasons say otherwise.

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