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The winners of the X Provincial Pinchos Competition were announced last night at the Calderon Theater in Valladolid.

After five days at the Valladolid Pinchos Provincial Competition, a new version of shrimp rice, named by its creators as “I + D + D” (research plus development plus tasting plus entertainment plus dynamics), made Don a winner. “FeverGolden Spike 2008“.

To counter so much “design and avant-garde”, a traditional pincho called “Del Pobre” and made by the Abstract bar was declared the winner of “Hot Pincho”. Although as “Cold Pincho” another “modern” prevailed, called “Angela Clouds” from Angela restaurant.

The other prizes were distributed as follows: Villa Parameza restaurant won Pincho Autóctono, La Criolla restaurant won Pincho Dessert and finally Puerto Chico restaurant won Coca Cola Pincho, and Villa Hotel received Pincho Mahou from fairs.

Competition for winners in X pincho valladolid

In addition to the applicable trophies and cash prizes, the chefs of the restaurants Don Bacalao, el Moderno, Ángela and Villa Paramesa will be on the list of participants in the “IV National Pinscher Competition Ciudad de Valladolid”.

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It seems that this year, out of curiosity, the traditional and “simple” returned to the world of pincho in Valladolid, fewer fifth-graders and more “native” quality products for a competition that with each passing edition exceeds and takes more energy for the next.

Congratulations to all participants and thanks for these culinary temptations!

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