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The competition for new talents in gastronomy, organized by the Coca-Cola Foundation Juan Manuel Sainz de Vicuña together with FEHR, already has winners.

Of the nine young promises who took part in the final, the three winners of the competition came out in their different categories, “Try Coca-Cola“,”Rediscover tradition“and”Sparkling cocktail”.

In the Coca-Cola Experience category, Alicia Amanda Aswani, who belongs to the Bell Art School in Barcelona, ​​won with this multicultural recipe for Smoked Eel Colanias with Lemon Essence and a Coca-Line Potato Chip. The finalists were Jose Carlos Severino and Miguel Angel Rodriguez.

In “Reinvent Tradition”, the young promise of the kitchen, Diego Enrique Gallegos, from the Consorcio Escuela de Hostelería de Málaga, is the winner thanks to the recipe “Smoked sardine Loins a la Moruna”. He was accompanied by finalists Jose Luis Caballero and Beatrice Diaz.

Finally, in the new category of the Spark Cocktail competition was Jesus Sedenyo of the University of Toledo, who was declared the winner thanks to Coca-Cola’s Wrath. He was followed by Paul Rosette and Ruth Matthew.

If these young people have done a great job until reaching the finals of the competition at the Chaflán restaurant, which chef Jose Luis Estevan has in Madrid, I do not want to tell you what the jury had to endure when deciding the fate of these young talents in Spanish gastronomy. is formed by famous chefs: Dario Barrio, Paco Ronsero, Danny Garcia, Alberto Chicote, Ramon Freixa and Jose Luis Estevan, as well as members of the Coca-Cola Foundation and FEHR.

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The Coca-Cola Foundation, together with FEHR, wants to help these young people in the first steps of their professional careers. For this reason, the winners in each of the three categories won 6,000 euros, one of the largest funding ever offered in competitions of this type aimed at the hotel and restaurant sector, while the other finalists received a complete food processor from the brand. Turbo Chef.

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