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Credit Municipal de Paris, the pawnshop of the French city hall, has launched for the first time in the history of a lender a campaign in which it accepts bottles of wine as collateral for any short-term loan.

Yes, this is not a joke, but the funny thing is that in 48 hours the institution has received more than 200 bottles, which are worth a total of 45,000 euros.

The traditional institution jokingly commented that with this initiative it hopes to attract customers who would not want to pledge the objects that are usually paid into the municipal loan, such as jewelry, watches, paintings and leather coats. Because they think it’s much more discreet to take a few bottles of wine out of your basement than to rip a picture off the wall or a necklace from your wife’s neck.

In the first two weeks, about 400 bottles were received, which were added to the more than 10 million assets the institution holds in custody. A customer pledged a dozen Romanée-Conti harvests in 1985, a wine that produces only 6,000 bottles a year, giving him a $ 30,000 loan.

Another customer bet on the market a bottle of Bollinger champagne worth about 1,000 euros.

The wine is stored as gold in cloth in the cellars located in the basement of the Crédit municipality building, built in 1777, as they have optimal conditions to “take care” of this jewelry, as they have a humidity of 80% , constant temperature between 12 and 13 degrees Celsius and are equipped with low intensity bulbs.

As an initiative it is good and it seems that there are many wine lovers who want to bet their “treasures”

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You know … “If you have a good bottle of wine, you have a small loan secured.”

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