Windscreen Electrolux Dishwasher, waterless washing


Even if it’s just a prototype “Electrolux wind washer“It shows us that in order to clean kitchen utensils well, we do not need to lose a drop of water.

Electrolux wind washer

Designed by Jin Walk Hwang, Korean industrial designer, an ardent defender of the environment, who is concerned about wasting water in homes.

Electrolux wind washerInstead of water air and UV rays for cleaning kitchen pots. Obviously, this prototype cleans our dishes in three phases.

Windscreen Electrolux Dishwasher, waterless washing
Once the containers are placed, separated, and with enough space between them to allow airflow, high-pressure air escapes to remove any food debris they may have.

Then the person responsible for removing grease residue from the dishes is a little reusable steam. Finally, ultraviolet rays would completely sterilize the dishes in the absence of soap.

Wind washer Electrolux 1 Dishwasher

Don’t ask me how long it takes to clean two dishes, which is the only thing you can wash so far, I can tell you the amount of water we would save with each wash, between 17 and 30 liters of water per wash, depending on the consumption of our current dishwasher.

Then there is a place that would take up in our kitchen or home, because for the “total load” of plates, cups, pots, cutlery, trays and other utensils that we use daily and given that they must be separated from each other to let the “air” … room just for him!

Electrolux wind washer

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I personally do not see it in the future (Electrolux Nor did he say whether it would be produced on an industrial level) if he had very good intentions and that is why we are showing it to you.

Another question, how much energy will it use to produce air, steam and ultraviolet rays?

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