Whitley Neil gin with the essence of the tree of life


The exceptional gin arrives in Spain Whitley Neal, handmade in England with nine highly selected ingredients, including Baobab and Cape Gooseberry. In other words, the taste of Africa with a light citrus and refreshing taste, ideal for livening up cocktails.

Among all of them, the most representative of its creator is the baobab, a tree of incredible height and beauty, about which legend has it that the gods punished his vanity by burying its branches and exposing its roots, with which he seems to beg forgiveness.

Considered the tree of life because of its long life (they can reach 3,000 years of life), it provides a high dose of vitamin C and a high protein content, as well as a light citrus aroma. Whitley Neal there is so much to thank for this tree that of all its benefits, 5% is intended for afforestation of the Baobab tree.

Since his birth four years ago, this “Young” gin is a winner of important international awards such as the 4 gold medals of World Spirits Competition in San Francisco 2007 and classified as “exclusive” by Beverage Tasting Institute (BTI), in addition to Whitley Neal, has conquered the most demanding palate in the United States and England.

The secret of the unsurpassed quality of Whitley Neil Gene consists in the purity of the alcohol and the ratio of the products used in each of the four distillations to which it is subjected in its artisanal production, developed in small quantities and in the traditional copper alembic.

Authentic British jewelry, defined by its creator as “true work of love”, which we will soon be able to try in the best gourmet restaurants in Spain.

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