What are modular hobs?


Today we want to talk about modular hobs, a great alternative for preparing very complex recipes or which include several simultaneous cooking with different temperatures, fire modes and cooking times.

You can have everything in the same cooking system, designed with modular plates, its main advantage is that it will be made to measure, you just have to choose the system you like best: gas to call grandma’s kitchen, the speed and cleanliness that induction, good steak with barbecue grill, cook in the best style of japanese restaurants with teppan yaki

There are many benefits to installing cooking plate, but for fans of the kitchen the opportunity to prepare several dishes at once is very tempting.

Modular glass-ceramics has several differentiated zones. It is possible to use containers of different sizes and which require different degrees of heating: reduce to low heat, some vegetables marked on the grill and very hot fried to obtain crispiness. The ability to make so many different preparations at the same time will make life easier, no doubt.

cooking plate

The modular system is usually of a new generation and uses modern safety measures without electrical risk. Induction, for example, only starts when there is a container on it, thus avoiding accidental burns.

The safety of cooking plates Modular modules will also mean that no leaks can occur, as they usually include automatic shut-off systems, and touch panels with the possibility of locking will also avoid problems, especially if there are curious children near the kitchen …

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And undoubtedly one of its biggest advantages is the design: rest assured that no one will be indifferent to the powerful image of the kitchen, which may include a grill, open fire and glass-ceramic hob, all aesthetically designed with invisible joints and straight lines of professional design.

The countertops are perfectly integrated into the desktop, creating a very pleasant clean and minimalist style for the cooking area.


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