Water in the gastronomy of the 21st century

Water is the source of life, the most important component of living beings, an element of well-being, a cause of balance, the basis of wealth, an essential component in a healthy and gastronomic diet and an essential ingredient in any kitchen. .

But have you ever stopped to think what any kind of soup, stew, gazpacho, stew, stew, sorbet or infusion would be without water?

Well, taking advantage of the fact that Ebro passes through Zaragoza and that in 2008 in this city held a Universal Exhibition dedicated to water, Everest Publishing House together with the Spanish Academy of Gastronomy, with the support of the Expo itself, had published a book, in which by touring different types of water, paying special attention to their contribution to a healthy Mediterranean diet, they shot a traditional recipe book from different countries and Spanish communities present at the exhibition, in which water is one of the main ingredients so as not to say the most important.

Water in the 21st century“It also features some of the best chefs on the national stage such as Juan Marie Arzak, Pedro Subiana, Santi Santamaria, Paco Ronsero, Ferran Adria

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