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Following the success of the first edition of the 21st Century Chef competition last December, dedicated exclusively to the Madrid Community, this year the competition has acquired a national character, with a regional preliminary phase in each autonomous community organized by the Academy of Gastronomy.

That is why the Academy of Gastronomy in Rioja, in cooperation with the Government of La Rioja, organizes “I Rioja 21st Century Chef Competition 2008“.

This competition is open to chefs under the age of 30 who are an active part of the kitchen team at a restaurant in Rioja, as well as students from this specialty at a hospitality school in the Autonomous Community of La Rioja.

This competition appreciates not only the “culinary” aspect, which will nevertheless be essential for the competition, but also their knowledge in the field of dietetics, oenology, gastronomic traditions, new techniques, languages, personal attitudes, etc., all from which are essential today in the world of gastronomy.

After the deadline for applications ends on June 7, the competition will be developed in two phases: in the first screening, five finalists will be selected from among all candidates, including “The Chef of Riojan of the XXI Century”, who will compete with the representatives of the remaining autonomies in the national phase.

Basics of the competition “Chef from Riohano of the XXI century 2008”:

1st The following requirements are accepted for candidates:

  • Be under 30 years of age as of December 31, 2007.
  • Be an active part of the kitchen team of a restaurant or be a student in a cooking / hospitality school located in the autonomous community of La Rioja.

2nd celebration of the competition.

1. In the first phase, the Rio de Janeiro Academy of Gastronomy will prepare the widest possible candidate base. Participants will be asked as much information as necessary about their qualifications and professional experience. The Rio Academy of Gastronomy will not pre-determine any candidates in this initial phase and will limit itself to limiting the number of candidates for practical reasons only. Once drawn up, the aforementioned “base” will be transferred to the jury, which must initiate the actual selection process.

2. In the second phase, the jury to be appointed by the Academy must select the finalists from among the candidates. Voting will be closed and without the direct participation of candidates. Each member of the jury will vote between 0 and 5 for each candidate. After the vote, the points received by each candidate will be counted and collected on average from the votes received. The five chefs with the highest average will go to the finals of the competition. When awarding their points, the members of the jury will essentially evaluate the candidate’s CV and professional experience.

3. The third and final phase shall take place in one act at the place designated by the Academia Riojana de Gastronomía. The finalists will be interviewed separately by the jury. Each member of the jury can ask a question to the finalist. The aim of the interview will be to contrast the knowledge of the participants on the following topics: -Diet and nutrition. -Main products used in the kitchen. -Cultural and gastronomic habits of La Rioja. -Oenology. -New trends and new techniques in the world of cooking. -Presentation of the dishes both in terms of their presentation only and their respective explanation. The chef’s “presence” and ability to please guests will also be appreciated. -Management and administration of both the kitchen and the restaurant as a whole. – Languages ​​other than Spanish. – General knowledge. – Contribution of a letter of recommendation from the supervisor (in the restaurant or at the school, as the case may be). In addition to the interviews, they will have to cook a dish with a common ingredient and a free dish. Once the interviews are over, the jury members must again assign between 0 and 5 points to each participant. This last vote will take into account the knowledge demonstrated during the interview. Again, the result obtained by each chef will be averaged. And to this figure will be added the average value obtained in the second phase of the competition. In this way, an average score of 10 will be obtained, which will be the final score of each competitor.

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All of the above procedures may be interpreted by the Jury at its discretion and adapted to the specific circumstances that arise. The chef with the highest average and therefore closest to 10 will be the winner of the 21st Century Rioja 2008 Chef Competition.

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More info: Academy of Gastronomy in Riohan

Rules of the competition in PDF format

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