Vichy Catalán, 125 years of history, the journey of the mythical brand of mineral water

A few years ago, on October 8, 2007. Federation of Chefs and Bakers of Spain (FACYRE) organized a national tribute at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones in Madrid in honor of the 125th anniversary of Spain’s most famous mineral water company, Vichy Catalán.

On the occasion of this great anniversary, Catalan group Vichy, present the book “Vichy Catalan, 125 years of historyThe book explains in detail all the economic and business vicissitudes that have marked the trajectory of Vichy Catalan, from its inception in 1881 to the present day.

In the same way, the work describes (with a wealth of data and images) the history of the brand and its values, as well as its support for the spread of culture, its participation in the world of gastronomy and its firm commitment to health and research …

Definitely, “Vichy Catalan, 125 years of history“This is the story of a mythical mineral water brand, both in Spain and in Europe.

Published by Viena Ediciones with texts by Natàlia Piernas, “Vichy Catalan, 125 years of history“Shortens the history of this mythical brand to 470 pages. Edited in three languages, Catalan, Spanish and English, it perfectly designs the philosophy that has always guided this company. Therefore, this is more than a chronicle of the history of a brand. This is a clear and transparent visualization of a set of emotions.

The book is structured in three main thematic blocks: Origins, Sociedad Anónima Vichy Catalán and Grupo Vichy Catalán, to which should be added another “appendix”, which collects an interesting selection of medical and scientific articles that address the close link between the consumption of carbonated natural mineral water Vichy Catalán and health.

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Among these thematic blocks, it includes various specific chapters that show the company’s commitment to quality and its social dimension. Dissemination of water culture through the publication of specialized books; the impulse of cooking and gastronomy; the creation of Gastronomic fraternity of water; participation in competitions, fairs, Olympiads and world exhibitions, as well as research work to improve human health, among others, focus much of the attention in this part of the book.

How could it be otherwise, as water present in the best restaurants, the great chefs at the moment like Ferran Adria, Juan Marie Arzak, Sergi Arola, Carme Ruscaleda, Santi Santamaria, Joan Roca,, Ramon Freix or May Hoffman put the last point with a selection of recipes made with the waters of Catalan Vichy.

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Vichy Catalan: 125 years of history

A commemorative book for the first 125 years of Vichy Catalan’s life. Vichy Catalan, 125 Years of History is a prestigious book that “perfectly designs the philosophy that has always guided this company. This is more than a chronicle of the brand’s history. This is a clear and transparent visualization of a set of emotions. “Awarded the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards as the Best Company Book (4th in the World), in 2009.

Written by: Natalia Legs Gallego

Published by: Viennese editions

ISBN number: 978-8483305430

Available in:Hard cover

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