Very easy and fresh Greek salad

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Very easy and fresh Greek salad

Very easy and fresh Greek salad

30 ‘

4 servings


101 kcal

How to make a Greek salad

Today we have a salad recipe that couldn’t be easier. It is ideal for summer, because in mid-July, as we are now, the heat hits the beautiful thing and does not want to put a stew right between the chest and back. Although let’s be honest. A stew is good for me at any time of the year, but that’s another matter. The recipe for the day is a Greek salad that has the usual ingredients of a Mediterranean recipe and some more that I put from my own harvest.

This is a very complete dish, as it contains various vegetables, pasta, cheese and tuna in butter, which is why we cover a large number of food groups. Then we will dress our Greek salad with a few spices, Modena vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. I’m sure reading it already leads to watering your mouth or more than me when I write the recipe.

Ingredients for 4 people

Ingredient photo

1 – Cook the orzo and chop the vegetables

We start by cooking the orzo in a saucepan with boiling water and a little salt, for the time recommended by the manufacturer. After it boils, drain it well and leave it to cool or cool it with cold water. Then peel, clean and chop all vegetables except onions. Then we put everything in a spring or a bowl together with the cubes of feta cheese.

Cook the orzo and chop the vegetables

2 – Place the vegetables and tuna on the tray

Then drain the tuna oil well and add it crushed to the vegetables.

Place the vegetables and tuna on the presentation plate

3 – Add the orzo, olives and stir

The next thing is to add the cooked orzo, black olives and mix everything so that the vegetables and the rest are well distributed.

Add the orzo, the olives and stir

4 – Dress the Greek salad

Finish by slicing half a purple onion into very thin slices and seasoning with a little rosemary, a little oregano, salt, balsamic balsamic vinegar from Modena and a good rain of extra virgin olive oil.

Dressing the Greek salad

5 – We have already finished the Greek salad

And that’s friends. We finished our very easy and fresh Greek salad. I hope you will prepare it very soon at home and upload the final photo on Instagram, mentioning my account 55000 Recipes. So I will see that you have made one of my recipes and I will be very happy.

Nothing else for today. Tomorrow more and better here in the Family Kitchen.

We have already finished the Greek salad



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