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Varnished mussels with emulsion of vermouth and nettle

Excursion to the beach, with a breeze in the background and the movement of the waves, while our hero collects mussels. This is what inspired me Gad Sergio, from The Jewish houseto create this dish so lightly, but at the same time with so much taste. Mussel collectors have shown him how well they combine with vermouth, in his honor, the reason for the varnish of this drink.

Chef: Sergio Bastard

Sergio Bastard is one of those restless chefs who, true to their gastronomic vision and identity, do not stop in their desire to improve in all aspects of the offer of his restaurant.


  • c / s beach sorrel
  • 5 mussels
  • c / s lacquer vermouth
  • For vermouth varnish
  • 100 g of mussel water
  • 100 g of vermouth
  • 10 g butter
  • c / s pepper and salt
  • For the nettle emulsion
  • 100 g of nettle
  • 40 g of olive oil
  • Other ingredients
  • c / s banana (Hierba del Litoral)
  • c / s dew grass
  • c / with marinated dill bulb
  • For lacquered mussels


For lacquered mussels

  1. Open the stewed mussels and save the water.
  2. Go through the vermouth varnish.

For the vermouth varnish

  1. Cut the vermouth in half and add the mussels to the water, cut in half again.
  2. Add the oil and reduce again until the texture is varnished.

For the nettle emulsion

  1. Blanch the nettles and emulsify with the oil.


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