V Conference of Suckling Lambs by Ribera del Duero


V Conference of Suckling Lambs by Ribera del Duero. An event that will take place every weekend in February 2016. A total of 7 restaurants and 5 bars from the municipalities of Peñafiel, Curiel de Duero, Pesquera de Duero and Quintanilla de Onesimo are participating.

If a few days ago we told you about the 5 days of El Dorado, days when you can try roasted sucker at half price, today is another of the main features of Castile and Leon and Ribera de Duero in Valladolid .: his wines and roast suckling lamb. A traditional dish that has been at the top of the menus of restaurants in La Ribera and the province of Valladolid for many years.

Nowadays, the beautiful roast lamb sucker is a tourist attraction and proof of this is that hundreds of people come almost every day to try this dish in countless roasts and restaurants in Valladolid.

Although we are not mistaken, although the recipe for roast lamb sucker is very simple, lamb chura, water and salt, the main grill and wood oven also have their leading role.

To get to know this relationship first hand, there is nothing better than enjoying it V Conference of Suckling Lambs by Ribera del Duero. An event that will take place every weekend in February 2016 in twelve restaurants belonging to the Valladolid coast.

During these days, the snack bar will be able to try menus based on lamb suckling, consisting of appetizers, main course, dessert, wine of Ribera del Duero origin, bread, water and coffee or infusion at a price of 33 euros per person.

Lamb infant from Castile and Leon - Aranda de Duero
Image from rutadelvinoriberadelduero.es

The establishments participating in V Conference of Suckling Lambs by Ribera del Duero They will offer these menus, which will be based on lamb suckling. Both in the menus and in the tapas we will find from the traditional lamb sucker roasted on wood, to other offerings such as lamb leg roasted with rosemary, candied shoulder with salad or sauteed vegetables with sour lamb sucker and yucca.

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But in addition to the menus, the lamb sucker can be tried as a stopper in each of the 5 participating bars or hotels. The price of the cork, accompanied by a glass of young wine from the Ribera del Duero denomination, will be 2.70 euros. For tapas, the participating restaurants have prepared delicious alternatives such as “lamb meatballs for churo, potato parmentie and caramelized onions”, “Marinated lamb polar bread with vegetables and alfalfa sprouts” or “Lamb bites with deconstructed garden salad”, among others.

If that wasn’t enough, all visitors to the Provincial Wine Museum in Valladolid, located in Penafiel Castle, will be able to enjoy the picturesque exhibition “Poetic Silences” by Raquel Fragua, which joins the tastings directed by by the museum’s sommelier and which take place every weekend. Also, on Friday, February 26, from 21:00 there will be a new edition of Monlosi and tastings, which will try the great unknown of the Ribera del Duero and will try a variety of gastronomic products, accompanied by a monologue.

February can be a cold month and even more so in the province of Valladolid, but if we participate in V Conference of Suckling Lambs by Ribera del Duero and we enjoy them trying the lamb menu or cork, the warmth is more than guaranteed and our self-esteem will also increase.


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