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Usuzukuri from Kalkan with a carabiner and its essence

Chef Ricardo Sanz Carabineros and his essence have been added to the Atlantic Kuscan Usuzukuri from the Atlantic Ocean, to delight the masses. A dish with great simplicity in its preparation, which allows you to eat a lot for a while. The most difficult: cutting the fish, but with practice and good knives is achieved.

Chef: Ricardo Sanz

He was born in Madrid, but due to his culinary skills he was able to be born in Tokyo.


  • 10 by 10 cm Kombu
  • 120 g Atlantic turbot, bred by Peskanova
  • 2 small pieces Carabineros Peskanova
  • 10 ml carabinero essence
  • Onions and salt of Maldon
  • 10 ml of olive oil
  • 10 ml soy sauce
  • Ingredients Ingredients
  • 20 ml of olive oil
  • 2 carabiner heads
  • 20 ml of Tentsuyu sauce
  • Composition of Tentsuyu sauce
  • 80 ml soy sauce
  • 80 ml Mirim
  • A Homdashi CS
  • 5 g Katsuobushi
  • 1 liter of water


To cut the turbot

  1. Remove the skin from the two crosses of the Atlantic turbot raised by Peskanova.
  2. Place the fish on the board with the skin removed side up.
  3. With the knife at an angle of 45 degrees and against the beta, make 12 slices 6 cm long, 3.5 wide and 3 cm thick.
  4. They should weigh about 10 grams each.

To prepare Tentsuyu sauce

  1. Put soy sauce, mirim, water, homdashi and combo in a saucepan.
  2. Bring to a boil and add the katsuobushi and turn off the heat.
  3. Cover and let stand for 15 minutes. Strain.

To prepare Carabinero

  1. Cut the head of Pescanova Carabineros with a pair of scissors to leave some meat, which forms a stopper and ensures that all the juice does not come out when you mark them.
  2. Peel the body and remove the intestines that run from the head to the tail from above.

To make the essence of Carabinero

  1. Mark the two heads of the carabiner on the pan.
  2. Squeeze and take as much juice as possible.
  3. Add Tentsuyu and olive oil and pass through a blender.
  4. Strain and save.

To do the assembly

  1. Place 12 cuts of fish in parallel on a rectangular plate.
  2. Place a piece of raw carabinero on each sheet.
  3. Draw a transverse line of each carabinero with its essence and below another with olive oil and soy sauce.
  4. Put some chopped onion and Maldon salt on the essence.


I will see you on another recipe.
David from 55000 Recipes