Urban mantecados, recipe from Aunt Reme


Urban mantecados, recipe from Aunt Reme

Urban mantecados, recipe from Aunt Reme

75 ‘

1 serving


330 kcal

How to make homemade mantecado. Good morning, afternoon or evening friends! Today I come with very typical and especially sweet you all know that for sure. This recipe for fresh dough is for decades and decadesHe is from a neighbor of the city where I live and I think all of us who live here will have tried it. I’m sharing it with you today, so greet your families and you join the long list of people who are amazed by these delicious pastas. I can no longer bear the desire to explain how they are made.

In the past, when there was a wedding, communion or baptism, large shipments of Mantecados,, Donuts and fardelejos to prepare boxes and give them to the guests. In Aldeanueva de Ebro, the city where I live, this tradition is already lost, but until 20-25 years ago it was still being done. However, the pasta I mentioned before is still made a lot because it is so rich that it is inevitable passed down from generation to generation. I try to contribute to this work by recording and writing recipes on the Internet and on television to make them famous and this last even longer in time.

So that you do not have problems in choosing which pasta to put on your birthday or on Christmas itself, if the mantecado does not attract you enough, I will leave you here a selection of recipes for cookies and other pasta that I published in Family Kitchen. To see them, you just need to click on the title in blue.

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Ingredients for 1 person

Ingredient photo

1 – We begin to prepare the dough

We will start cooking the homemade mantecado by breaking an egg into a large bowl. Then beat it and when it is, add the powdered sugar and stir until you get a homogeneous mixture.

We begin to prepare the dough

2 – We continue to add ingredients

Continue shaking to integrate the sugar and when done, pour in the butter and continue to mix. When we have a homogeneous mixture, it’s time to put the lard, ground almonds and let the mixer start kneading with your hands.

We continue to add ingredients

3 – Add flour to the dough

When we have these two ingredients well mixed with the others, we need to add the sifted flour. We will help ourselves with a strainer.

Add flour to the dough

4 – Finish and let the dough rest

After sifting, we have to knead again with our hands. If you see that the dough is still very soft, it is because it still allows more flour. When it reaches the point that it is firm and grainy and does not stick to the hands, we should let it rest for about 30 minutes.

Finish and let the dough rest

5 – We cut our dough with mold

After this time, prepare a work surface where to stretch the dough to cut the ice cream. It must be about a finger thick to be consistent. We stretch the dough, take pasta cutters and cut the dough. Then shake lightly to remove the rest around and put the ice cream on the oven tray in which we will put greaseproof paper.

We cut our mantecado with a mold

6 – We finish the decoration of the mantecados

Fill the pan and paint the mantecado with beaten egg with a brush and put almonds slightly glued in each of them.

We finish the decoration of the mantecados

7 – Bake the mantecado

We must keep the oven hot at 180 ° C with the fire up and down. When it reaches this temperature, put the pan inside and let the home-made pasta bake for about 15 minutes. Remember that you do not need to let them come out of the oven firmly, because then the oil will harden them even more.

Bake the mantecado

8 – We try not to eat them even hot …

After 15 minutes, remove the pan from the oven and let them cool to eat. You will see what pleasure you can experience many times. I say goodbye for today, I leave you with these homemade mantecados and tomorrow I will come back with a new recipe, which I hope you will not miss. Enjoy!

We try not to eat them even hot ...



I will see you on another recipe.
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