Two Italians in the kitchen, a hundred recipes from Italian cuisine


I have always thought that there is a very direct gastronomic connection between all the Mediterranean countries. Such ingredients, the way of cooking, the love of gastronomy, family food … is something inherent among the inhabitants of these countries.

Two Italians between the stoves

Part of this love of cooking is given or acquired between different generations, who have turned food into a symbol of unity between members of the same family. Relationships that have passed from mother to child as a link to family tradition.

Two Italians between the stoves

This connection is the culprit, partly for whom Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo published this cookbook “Two Italians between the stoves“Two Italians who left their country to go to Britain, where they had time to work, meet and become true heights of Italian cuisine separately.

A book that brings together the vision of two chefs who are passionate about Italian cuisine, who left their home country more than forty years ago and who return to their origins to rediscover their culinary heritage.

The experience they show us in this book, “Two Italians between the stoves“Along with a hundred recipes from traditional Italian cuisine, just as Italians cook it.

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In addition to his vision, that of two chefs who are passionate about local gastronomy, who return to their country, Italy, to re-strengthen ties with Italian cuisine, to explore its culinary tradition and modern trends.

Undoubtedly “Two Italians between the stovesIs a highly recommended book for all those people who love good food based on recipes made by the love of traditional cuisine, although in this case they are Italian.

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Two Italians between the stoves

“Our return to Italy has become an incredible journey for discoveries, both for the country and its gastronomy, and for ourselves and our friendship. The quality and abundance of food and the love of food are still present, so we enjoy tasting, cooking and eating absolutely everything we find. After all, we are two Italians who love to eat! We hope you enjoy recreating some of our favorite recipes from this book. Good appetite! “


Published by: GRIDJALBO

ISBN: 9788425347467

Available in:Hard cover


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