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This “Palentina Mountain Trout Mousse” is a delicacy produced by the Selectos de Castilla company that we loved to try.

Thanks to an agreement between Campoo fish farms, where trout are farmed, and to the company Castile chooses, which makes a series of products with meat and offal from them, we can find on the market soft and delicate “Mountain trout mousse in Palencia“.

Mountain trout mousse in PalenciaIt is produced with trout liver, duck fat liver, poultry liver, water, salt, pepper and sugar. Some ingredients that make this trout mousse are a gourmet product.

How can you imagine this?Mountain trout mousse in PalenciaIt has a very special taste and texture. Presented together with some toasts for bread or in other types of preparation, they can serve as a perfect aperitif at any time of the day to entertain your guests or for your pleasure.

In containers of 95, 200 and 800 g, the aroma and freshness of trout farmed in Palencia are also preserved, thanks to a trade agreement with the company. Castile chooses, we found on the market turned unique and delicious “Trout mousse from Mount Palencia“.

Do you dare to try it?

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