“Tren-pranillo”, a train to explore La Rioja

Year after year, “El Rioja y los 5 Sentidos” surprises us with attractive activities related to wine culture.

Well, this year how could it be less “Rioja and the 5 senses“A wine train starts,”Train-laundry“.

A train that will travel on the route between Logroño and Haro, showing its passengers a landscape full of wineries and vineyards at best, that of the harvest.

The Train-laundry It aims to promote the great viticultural and oenological heritage that La Rioja has, as well as the connection that historically exists between the railway and wine, in fact most of the wineries in Rioja are distributed in the municipalities that have stations. The best example is the city of Haro, the last stop on this train, where the station district is known as the wineries.

Tren-Pranillo has 200 travel destinations and will travel every weekend, continuing “El Rioja and the 5 Senses”, on September 6, 7, 13 and 14 from Logroño to Fuenmajor, passing through Cenichero, Torremontalbo, Briones, until reaching to your final destination, Haro.

During the 35 minutes of the trip, we will enjoy the colors of the vineyards, already full of grapes and some ocher, while a theater group presents scenes related to wine culture. A reviewer from that time, a worker in the Haro wine cellar, a photographer, etc., who, in addition to giving a touch of color to the tour, will tell us the history of wine, the landscape and gastronomy of La Rioja.

Once in Haro, we can visit one of the eight wineries involved in the initiative: Bodegas Bilbainas, CVNE, Gómez Cruzado, La Rioja Alta, Muga, Rioja Santiago, López de Heredia and Roda. In addition, along with the ticket, a free ticket will be given to visit the recently renovated wine interpretation center in Rioja, with interactive information, panels and video projections on the cultivation and knowledge of the vine, as well as on wine production.

After that, free time until 18.30, when Tren-pranillo will depart back for Logroño.

During these hours of rest we will be able to enjoy the gastronomy and culture of Riohan, for this purpose the Municipal Council of Haro will rent a bus that will connect the neighborhood of the station with the city center (every 15 minutes, from 12:30 to 13: 30 hours), where we can visit La Herradura, a typical tapas place in this city, and dine in one of the many restaurants that make up the city’s diverse culinary offerings.

In addition, to see the rich historical heritage that the city has, with many palaces and mansions, including the Palacio de los Condes de Haro, Bendaña, Tejada, Palacio de las Bezaras and Palacio de los Constables.

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If you like this plan, you can book a place in La Rioja Calidad (tel. 941 51 25 71) at a reasonable price of 12 euros, which includes a trip to Tren Pranilo, a visit to the winery and transfers to Haro.

By the way “Rioja and the 5 senses“This is a wine culture program that has been running in La Rioja since 1996 and always coincides with the harvest.

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