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According to a study by the John Innes Center in Norwich (East Anglia), the consumption of purple tomatoes, genetically modified to have high levels of anthocyanins, protects against cancer and a large number of diseases.

The investigation led by Katie Martin and published in the British scientific journal “Natural biotechnologyThis surprising result has led to it being “suitable” for humans, as laboratory mice are the first to test them, this would be a great success for science, as it can significantly extend the life of people suffering from some kind of this disease.

Obviously, eating foods with anthocyanins, antioxidant pigments produced by some plants, would help protect against a large number of human diseases. The levels of these substances in the most commonly consumed fruits are not sufficient to achieve this protection.

To perform the study, the researchers included two genes of the species Dragon’s mouth, rich in anthocyanins, in the genome of tomatoes. Later, these seedlings produce tomatoes with purple flesh and skin and with a level of anthocyanins, similar to that in blackberries and blueberries.

The expression of the two genes introduced into the snapdragon tomato plant increased the ability of tomatoes to act as hydrophilic antioxidants.

Katie Martin ensures that many people do not swallow five servings a day recommended fruits and vegetables, but can still get greater benefits if the portions they consume are developed with more bioactive components.

Therefore, scientists explain that the inclusion of these transgenic tomatoes in the human diet would be an “easy way” to increase the intake of antioxidants and promote health.

Although it will be several years before we have tomatoes with these characteristics on the market.

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