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On June 13, the solar platform Tabernas (Almeria) will host the first of six days of the chef’s 2008 tour – Cocina del Sol.

A pioneering initiative worldwide, organized by the Association of Chefs in Indalo and Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Castillo de Tabernas”, which aims to raise awareness of the need to use renewable energy and the importance of maintaining a healthy diet.

The first of the six days, the one on June 13, will be held at the Las Eras de Tabernas Restaurant, where we will be able to enjoy a gastronomic exhibition and the food prepared in it.

The second of these days will take place a few days later. On June 21, World Sun Day and coinciding with the summer solstice, the “I Solar Gastronomy Conference” will be held in two conditions in the city of Almeria: the Castillo de Tabernas Oil Museum, which will host the conference. “The future of solar-based gastronomy“From the prestigious chef Sergi Arola and Plaza de la Cathedral, where several chefs from Almeria will hold live exhibitions in which they prepare various dishes in kitchens, ovens and sun grills.

Which the audience will be able to tell well about them, among the dishes we can try, appetizers and extra virgin olive oil, salty and sweet cuisine, pastries, cooking in pots and meat and mountain dishes.

Then there will be two more days in September (10 and 14) and two more in October (14 and 31), in municipalities such as Tabernas, Almeria, Vera, Padules, Macael and Roquetas de Mar, where they will meet. with all the chefs participating in this event who will make the final balance of the “Cheff Tour 2008”.

All days have a common ingredient (apart from promoting the land of Almeria and its cooks), and that is solar energy as a cooking system.

This is a kitchen system that is implemented thanks to non-governmental organizations in many cities in Africa and which do not have access to electricity to “feed” the hobs or electric fires.

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With this system, they do not have to spend energy and eat “healthier” foods, without having to eat them raw or pause water. And since the energy of the sun does not cost us (for now), this is a good way to take advantage of it, because every time new and cheaper cooking gadgets with the star Ray appear on the market.


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