Torreznos de Soria, ready to do it at home


One of the most famous and popular appetizers in Castilian bars are torreznillos. A delicacy that has its own paradise in the province of Soria, where it has the “Torrezno de Soria” brand, and that now puts them on a tray to make them in our own homes.

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The preparation of Torreznos, dried bacon and its consumption (fried), have enjoyed and still enjoy a great tradition in Spain, but this preparation of bacon is not done in the same way throughout the country, neither the resulting frying is the same, nor called in the same way, because nowadays fried bacon gets different names: bacon, curry, bacon, bacon, fried bacon …

The Torezno de Soria perhaps this is one of the most famous and “plagiarized” products in all of Spain. A delicacy not available to everyone, which can now be made in our own homes due to the fact that they have begun to be marketed in stores and hypermarkets, as well as online.

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One of the pioneering marketing companies of Torrezno de Soria is Moreno Saes sausageswho posted Ready Soria Torreznos protected by the guarantee mark “Torrezno de Soria” in various department stores so that they can be tasted in our homes.

The pre-cooked turf offered by Embutidos Moreno Sáez is easy to prepare and can be optimally presented on the table in just 5 minutes.

To make Torreznos de Soria in a simple and easy way, the first thing we will have to do is buy a package of pre-made Torreznos de Soria, protected by Warranty mark “Torrezno de Soria” (5 euros for a tray with 8 towers and 12 euros for a tray with 20 toes).

Once we have one of these containers in our kitchen, recipe for Torreznos de Soria will be “sew and sing”. Open and remove the fertilizers, allow the product to air or blow for about 20 minutes before cooking. During this time, heat oil in a pan or start the fryer at 180 degrees. When the oil is very hot, fry the fertilizers for about 4 or 5 minutes and make them to the desired point.

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Ready toilets from Soria

Remove the turmeric on a plate of kitchen paper so that it absorbs the butter before serving. The Torenosnos de Soria They can be eaten hot fresh from the pan or left to cool.

This delicacy is characterized by the fact that it is crispy in its crust and juicy inside. A traditional product that you can now try in our own home without having to go to a bar in Soria to try it.


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