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Tomatoes stuffed with sardines, dressed with oregano

One of the kings of summer recipes is the tomato, which can be prepared in thousands of ways, although in particular it is a very simple and useful recipe for dinners and fast food.


  • 4 or 8 red but hard tomatoes
  • Sherry vinaigrette
  • Regan
  • 2 boxes of sardines in butter


  1. Wash the tomatoes, dry them and make an incision on top.
  2. Remove and empty the inside of the tomatoes with a teaspoon and save the pulp.
  3. Crush the sardines with their oil and mix with the tomato puree.
  4. Garnish with generously chopped oregano. If desired, you can add a sprinkler of sherry vinegar.
  5. Fill the tomatoes with this props.
  6. Book by the time of serving.

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