Tomato salad with seasonal ingredients


This tomato salad is the perfect suggestion to taste seasonal ingredients like fresh white asparagus.

Tomato salad, fresh asparagus, figs and pine nuts

Cold, heat, rain … what a spring we have! At this time, there is no way to plan the weekly menu in any way.

With so much change over time, we’ve gone from traditional homemade stews and spoon dishes to refreshing recipes like this. tomato salad, at the same time we take out and put the coat in the closet.

It will be a matter of patience and the presence of various ingredients in the closet, such as clothes for cold and heat in our dressing room.

Tomato salad with seasonal ingredients

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Tomato salad

Taking advantage of the fact that the sun came out the next day (for a while), we prepared to eat this tomato salad, raw white asparagus, figs and toasted pine nut vinaigrette.

Tomato salad

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  1. Wash the tomatoes, dry them and cut them into slices. Place in the center of the plates.

  2. Wash, dry and cut the figs into quarters. Distribute on plates.

  3. Using a peeler, peel the white asparagus. Cut the most fibrous part and with the same peeler remove slices from it.

  4. Spread the slices of white asparagus on the figs.

  5. Heat olive oil in a pan over medium heat and redden the pine nuts for a few seconds. Make sure they burn you quickly.

  6. Pour the oil and pine nuts in a bowl. Add vinegar, jam and salt.

  7. Mix well and dress the salad.

  8. To finish, finely chop the garlic (optional) with basil and sprinkle on top.

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