They return the 5 days from El Dorado to Segovia and Madrid

Between 22 and 26 February, 32 restaurants in Segovia and Madrid, registered under the Segovia Infant Guarantee, will offer us “5 days from El Dorado“.

5 days from El DoradoDo they represent a conference to promote Guarantee brand for pigs from Segovia wherein, Segovia Infant Promotion Association (Procose) is responsible for half the price of the ration, which appears in the letter of each affiliated company as a thank you to us, the consumers.

So get a serving of suckling in each of the restaurants that offer “5 days from El Dorado“It will cost us between 8 and 12 euros. Which is more or less half the price that the different cards usually tell us.

The promotion, which year after year has a better reception, as there are many people who sign up on these dates to try the best roasted Segovian pig in the company of friends or family.

As always in “5 days from El Dorado“And through a new agreement with the social and cultural activities of Caja Segovia, diners will be able to enjoy, after eating the baby, a cultural activity in Torreón de Lozoya in Segovia, through guided tours.”The faces of Rome. Roman portraits from the National Archaeological Museum“Organized by the Ministry of Culture.

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We will make a reservation at one of these restaurants soon after enjoying “5 days from El Dorado“At La Postal, Duque and Cándido, I believe that this year we will visit the José María restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Segovia, to taste the exquisite Roast baby Segovia Warranty mark.

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