The Spanish omelette, the favorite dish of the Spanish


For the second year in a row, the potato omelette is the favorite dish of Spaniards, and the soft drink is the best drink that accompanies it, according to a study conducted by Coca-Cola via the Internet to learn the eating habits of Spaniards.

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The omelet was chosen for the second year in a row by 45% of Spaniards as a favorite food on a list of more than 40 typical dishes of Spanish gastronomy, including paella, seafood, eggs with potatoes, steak or a good piece of fillet.

For 71% of respondents, the ideal potato omelette is the one with onions among its ingredients, while 14% prefer it with pepper. However, 17% believe that it should not contain any additional ingredients other than potatoes, egg and a pinch of salt. As for eating it, the Spaniards prefer it to be sparse, homemade, large, thick, with lots of eggs and potatoes cut into thin slices.

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From the Autonomous Communities, the Spaniards point out that it is in Andalusia, Madrid and Catalonia that the potato omelette is best prepared. The opposite happens in the Balearic Islands, La Rioja and the Canary Islands, which have the worst concept for their tortilla.

Although the only thing we can’t agree on is the name we use to denote the tortilla. 44.54% of respondents call it “Omelet“, 42, 77% use”Omelet“And 7.9% call it”Spanish tortilla“.

According to a survey conducted by Sondea, 86% of respondents know how to make a potato omelette and almost half (44%) usually do it at least once a week. For 42% of respondents, the mother is the one who cooks best, while 20% choose their partner, and 17% confirm that they are the ones who are busy making a delicious potato omelette.

A dish that cooks on average less than half an hour and takes only 11 minutes. As for its reception, the majority prefers to do it at dinner (47%); 30% choose food; and 11% in the middle of the morning with a good cold beer.

Although according to the study soft drinks They are the chosen soft drink that accompanies the potato omelette.

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