The silver spoon for beginners, ideal for children


I’m sure all adults who like to “play” with pots and pans would like to receive a gift like the Silver Spoon for beginners as children. The favorite recipes of the Italians.

The silver spoon for beginnersA book for children over 10, which consists of 40 recipes adapted from the bestseller “The Silver Spoon”, rated by many as “bible with authentic Italian cuisine“.

Edited by Faydon,, The silver spoon for beginners presents some simple suggestions so that the little ones in the house can make their first recipes for cooking with fresh and healthy ingredients, such as pasta, stews, sauces, pastries, bread, ice cream, etc., are some of the many dishes, which can be learned from this book.

Through funny illustrations and a photo of the last dish, “The silver spoon for beginners“, Shows us receptions in different categories: Appetizers and appetizers,, Pasta and pizza,, Main dishes and finally, Desserts and baked goods.

In addition, each recipe contains a brief introduction to the origin of each dish, with information about the ingredients and their origin. It also includes additional information on spices, ingredients, basic cooking techniques and tricks designed to encourage and inspire our little chefs to enjoy cooking.

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Undoubtedly, The silver spoon for beginners This can be a good gift for those children or young people who have one of their hobbies in the kitchen and above all we give them carte blanche to do “practices”. Although the latter are always under our supervision.

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The silver spoon for beginners

Special adaptation of LA CUCHARA DE PLATA, the bible of Italian cuisine. Simple, authentic and delicious recipes for cooking with children. Step-by-step instructions. Balanced recipes prepared with healthy ingredients.

Written by: Вв.Аа.

Published by: Faydon

ISBN: 978-0714857497

Available in:Pocket book


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