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Are you looking for a food processor to help you this Christmas, because neither thermomix nor milk, here comes Motoman?

There are already some rather sophisticated food processors, including the Chinese AIC-AI, which is capable of making thousands of dishes from traditional Chinese cuisine.

For Japanese food lovers, Yaskawa Electric’s Motoman SDA10 is the perfect grilled robot servant Economists with human precision.

When you’re done grilling, Motoman even puts the dish on a plate and adds spices to it.

It recognizes voice instructions, identifying the ingredients we want okonomiyaki and its preparation with the usual utensils used by Japanese cooks.

The Motoman SDA10 He weighs 220 kilograms and is 135 centimeters tall, including 15 joints – 7 in each arm and one in the torso – which allow him to perform a wide range of types of work, whether in the factory or behind the kitchen.

The robot is exposed to the next generation of robots running in Osaka and can be seen here, demonstrating their “manual” skills:

The company reports a sales plan: 1200 units / year for 2008, 2400 units / year for 2009, 3000 units / year for 2010 or later.

The topic is too futuristic …… but if instead Economists, it makes me fever al pilpil the same interest me.

[Fotos: AFP]

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