The Macallan in Lalique, 57-year-old single malt whiskey

Macallan and Lalique have just released the third decanter in the exclusive series The Macallan in Lalique.

The Macalani in Lalik

Since 2006, the alliance between The Macallan and Lalique has led to an exclusive collection called The Macalani in Lalik.

Each edition, one per year, corresponds to one of the six pillars on which the distillery is based. The macala. Thus, the first decanter in the series is inspired by the first pillar “Exceptional Oak Barrels” and the second by “Natural Color”. Both decanters were very well received by both clients from The macala as from the collectors of Lalik crystal.

The Macalani in Lalik

In this third edition, the exclusive series The Macalani in Lalik, occupies the third of the six pillars of The macala: “The most precise cut. The interior of the decanter designed by Lalique is filled with none other than Macallan’s second oldest expression, “Single malt“At the age of 57.

Macallan whiskey, aged for 57 years, between two barrels; the first, an American oak barrel seasoned with sherry, dates from 1950, the second is a mixture of Spanish oak barrels that previously held sherry stuffed in 1949, 1951 and 1952. Macalan 1926, A 60-year-old whiskey bottled in 1986, for which more than 50,000 euros were paid. Given the exclusivity of this liquid, only 400 units of this edition of The Macalani in Lalik.

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The result is a smooth and sumptuous whiskey, with a classic aroma of dried fruit, spices and peat nuances, inherited from whiskeys made in the distillery in the early 50’s.

Even if you don’t look for it in gourmet or delicacy shops, as only one decanter is on sale in Spain.Lalique III“At a price of 10,000 euros and he is certainly already resting in the cellar of an exceptional lover.

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