The largest Polvoron in the world in Camas

If you live near Camas (Seville), go there as soon as possible, as the Ministry of Tourism and Trade will offer today, from 18:00, Tasting of a giant polvorón of 170 kilograms.

Polvorón will form the word “Merry Christmas Beds” and will be 12 meters long and one meter wide.

The jam will be made by Confitería San José, one of the enterprises in the municipality.

And the activity aims to promote local gastronomy and business, such as the world’s largest rosco de reyes, which is made for four years by companies in the municipality.

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Polvorón will be served from 18:00 in the Christmas tent located on Plaza Nuestra Señora de los Dolores and will be part of the planned activities until next January 6.

Bring a bottle of water or a nutmeg with you so that such a good bite of a half-crow can have a better time.

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