The kitchen of the Beijing Olympics


Beijing, thanks to the Olympics, has become in a few days a city open to the world, modern, cosmopolitan, aware of all that can benefit from this holiday, so it wants to open Chinese gastronomy to the rest of the planet, inviting visitors to show courage and not to ignore the unusual.

Fried starfish

That’s why some of the more than 40,000 restaurants in Beijing have added a “sporty” flavor to their menus, following the Chinese tradition of celebrating special occasions with unique culinary creations. Sea, fried scorpion and even duck liver shaped like a table tennis paddle.

Restaurants such as Quanjude, a famous duck with meat in Beijing, offer a variety of Olympic-themed dishes, such as sea rowing with asparagus paddles, corn baseball bats and noodle dishes simulating the Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium. .

Visitors will be able to eat anything but dishes that include dog meat, as it has been officially removed from the menu during the game, mostly so as not to offend foreign visitors.

Seahorse kebab
Although, if you want to try more “bold” dishes, you will always have a restaurant Guolizhuang, specializing in animal penises, among which there are several donkey meats.

We are not used to these delicacies, at best with “Tracking Coocking”, but in Chinese tradition it is believed that certain animals or their organs have healing properties for human health.

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You already know that if you are going to visit China, as one of the travel agencies in the Asian country says, “the tourist has to cross the cultural gap and see the topic with an open mind.”

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