The kitchen of Inés Ortega, an up-to-date cookbook for healthy cooking


From such a stick such a fever, this is one of the many sayings we could apply to Ines Ortega, the daughter of the irresistible Simone Ortega, who follows the culinary path left by her mother and presents her new book “La cocina de Ines Ortega”. .

Conceived as an up-to-date cookbook for healthy and economical cuisine, “Ines Ortega’s kitchenIt combines our most traditional cookbook with the latest gastronomic trends.

A book adapted to new eating habits, with quick and cheap recipes for cooking, always with a pinch of originality that makes them different from other preparations.

Ines Ortega’s kitchen This is much more than a cookbook to use as it includes other aspects of food. It starts with the basics in the recipe, the ingredients. Better fresh or frozen? Market or supermarket? How to buy cheap without sacrificing quality?
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He answers all these questions Ines Ortega so our kitchen, of any type, always comes out well depending on the needs of each one. It also gives us a series of tricks to use the most appropriate utensils to simplify the task and advises us not to buy certain modern appliances and tricks to use the refrigerator in a more useful way.

On “Ines Ortega’s kitchen“We can emphasize, in addition to the extensive cookbook, the part about art to be received at home and the education of the table. Inés explains, among other things, how to place the cutlery, who to use according to the food we are going to eat, how to position the guests and which glasses should be used for each wine.

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From his mother’s book “1080 recipes for cooking” to date, many things have changed both in society and in the way of cooking in our country, therefore, realizing the importance that today more than ever has time constraints and an urgent need for budget control, Ines Ortega does not offer a recipe book based on quick and cheap preparations according to each type of diet, which suggests, among other considerations, to take advantage of the benefits provided by seasonal cuisine.

If you want to know all these things and some other surprises, I recommend you take the book Ines Ortega’s kitchen. You will not regret this.

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Ines Ortega’s Kitchen: An up-to-date cookbook for a healthy and economical diet

INÉS ORTEGA in this new book, conceived as an up-to-date cookbook for healthy and economical cuisine, brings together the witness of her mother Simone Ortega, the author of the unsurpassed 1080 COOKING RECIPES, and incorporates lessons learned and experience gained over the years of passionate devotion. Times have changed and INÉS ORTEGA KITCHEN combines our most traditional cookbook with the latest gastronomic trends. This is a current cookbook in which even the most famous dishes, whether due to the innovative ingredients used, the way they are made or the way they are presented on the table, include a pinch of originality that makes them different. Realizing the importance of lack of time and the urgent need to control the budget today more than ever, the author believes that these factors are out of the question, offering quick and inexpensive recipes. The book is supplemented with special sections for athletes, vegetarians, diabetics, hypertensives, celiac disease, etc., as well as sections on the most suitable kitchen utensils, the art of receiving and even an overview of a topic for the much forgotten: good manners at the table. Essential.

Written by: Ines Ortega

Published by: union

ISBN: 978-8420671581

Available in:Pocket book


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