The hottest chili in the world


In Mexico, they have created the hottest hot red pepper in the world: chili “Mayapán” habanero.

Chili Mayapán habanero

This new variety of habanero pepper (Capsicum chinense), Called “Mayapan“, Was created by the Produce Yucatan Foundation and its main feature is a higher level of itching than any of this type, the hottest that people can consume.

What makes this chili hotter than another is that it has a higher concentration of capsaicin, a chemical component responsible for stimulating the heat receptor in the skin and causing itching.

The new variety of pepper habanero It was created in the Yucatan region of Mexico through a traditional genetic process that improves the variety by crossing Creole seeds from the original habanero pepper, selected individually to improve the characteristics required by the producer.

The heat also gives it a distinctive taste and a specific, more intense aroma that sets it apart from other hot peppers and that they will try to improve when they are placed on the market. Although he will also be responsible for the price increase, which will be more expensive than that of other hot peppers on the market.

Thanks to everything else, growers hope to see their harvest improved and meet the demand generated in Japan and in European Union, where they arrive fresh and also in the form of a spice.

The shape of habanero chili is similar to our piquilo peppers, with three cavities and intense orange color, and is consumed especially in sauces like other varieties.

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It has a beneficial effect on health and helps fight pain, relieve migraines and prevent some cancers, in addition it can reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood and slow down the aging process.

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