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The Haciendas de España wine chain, owned by wine giant Arco, has hired Sergi Arola to launch in all of its Wine Hotels, a series of restaurants offering “casual” but complex food, The Durius Café.

The new restaurant chain will be launched on July 1 by Sergi Arola at the Hacienda Abascal (Ribera del Duero) winery, located in Valladolid, Quintanilla de Ariba.

The winery, whose modern land art building combines the production of tempranillos with five magnificent rooms, protected by an environment consisting of barrels and vineyards.

Now with the introduction of the new restaurant The Durius Café, modernity has reached the kitchen of Haciendas de España.

Arola’s intention is to combine avant-garde cuisine with natural foods, which will lead to an ordinary kitchen at an affordable price, 35 euros per person, excluding wines. And all this with impeccable performance and in a charming setting like the one offered by wineries, surrounded by the best vineyards and wines.

Hacienda Abascal will be the first to open the doors, followed by four more implants, such as those that will open in the wine village of Salamanca Ledesma, in La Quinta Marqués de la Concordia (in Salamanca, Madrid), another will be The Cave Village in Monistrol D’Anoia (Barcelona) and finally in the wineries in Rioja Marqués de la Concordia in the Haro Station district. Although the official opening will have to wait for the arrival of autumn, coinciding with the harvest festival.

With the arrival of the Durius River Café in Quintanilla de Arriva, this will be an unprecedented event in Castilian Leonese gastronomy and for the first time in Castilla y León a chef who has been awarded two Michelin stars (Castilian celestial lions) is reduced to six stars. distributed between Valladolid, Zamora, Leon, Segovia and Salamanca) opens a restaurant in the Community.

The new restoration format consists of two spaces, one in the building and the other on the roof, in the open, which crowns the avant-garde stone building. Only about twenty tables, distributed in the two spaces, will be responsible for displaying the menu that the staff, personally instructed by Arola, has prepared for dinner.

Of course, the customer will water their tasting with house wines, which in this case (there are many, the Arco group sold 55 million bottles of wine last year), varied and of high quality, belonging to the designations of origin of Rioja, Rueda. , Aribes del Duero, Navarre and Penedes.

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With this project, Haciendas de España wants to present the haute cuisine to the whole audience, demonstrating that the controversial (and media) kitchen war that has arisen in recent weeks by chef Santi Santamaría over avant-garde cuisine and Natural products contrasts two very different, but fully compatible kitchen concepts.

Sergi Arola himself commented a few days ago, after opening another store in Portugal, that this collaboration with Arco Group was the “culmination of a dream” in his fruitful and famous career and that it “closes the cycle” in his philosophy of conceiving the kitchen. .

We will have to visit this new offer, we have it close to home …

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