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On each page of the “Drawing Kitchen” there is a table with an empty plate so that the little ones can create a delicious masterpiece.

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Phaidon Press is an editorial office that gastronomy lovers have fallen in love with. Thanks to his excellent publications, we can have in recent years such important works as “1080 Recipes”, the English version of the “culinary bible”, which he wrote Simone ortega; How ElBulli Works, a book detailing Ferrán Adrià’s ideas, methods and creativity; The Book of Tapas cover in English from Simone and Ines Ortega; “La Cuchara de Plata: Pasta” and “La Cuchara de Plata for Beginners”; Coco, the book of the ten best modern chefs; “Recipes for Italian Summer”: a book by chef Rene Redzepi, “NOMA, time and space in Scandinavian cuisine”; Ferman Adria’s biography of Coleman Andrews in “Rediscovering the Kitchen. A continuous journey through gastronomy ‘; or the book “What to cook and how to cook it”, among others.

All of these cookbooks have been published magnificently to the delight of the eyes and hands of thousands of chefs or “kitchens” that are spread across half the world.

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Today, Phaidon surprises us with “The cartoon kitchen“, from Hervé Tullet. A miracle book for children with which you can prepare several “recipes”, somewhat special, such as “Delicia de Garabatos”, “Swerwer of shape”, “Stew of dots”, “Tarta de Rayos de Sol” or “Burger in full color “, among many other” delicacies “.

As you will see, these recipes will have to be made with some specific ingredients such as “fingerprints”, “stars”, “triangles”, “spots”, “stitches”, “dotted lines”, “lines”, “zigzags” and several others. which we can find without any guilt in the imagination of our children. And of course, the kitchen utensils they will have to use are safe for them, as they will only need a few simple colored pencils.

Once they are fully prepared to prepare these “recipes”, our children only need to follow a few small recommendations, including “express yourself as you are”, “add a pinch of love” and “spray luck”.

Only with these points and with a little attention from your kitchen assistant (who can be a mother or a father), our children can do “Art Cooking” whenever they want.

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The cartoon kitchen

Recommended for children over 4 years
ISBN-13: 9780714863405
ISBN-10: 0714863408
Price: € 9’95
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