The book of salads “Freshness of the Earth”


As we well know, salad is an eternal dish in this cookbook “Salads. The freshness of the earth ”we find them of all kinds and for all seasons.

Salads, the freshness of the earth

We can take them cold or warm depending on the weather and the desire to cook it, but there is no doubt that right now, when temperatures are rising, they want more and more, until we reach summer, when they become the absolute queens of our menus. newspapers.

One of its advantages in its preparation is technical or non-technical, as stated in this book, ie the triumph of the raw, the best system for obtaining maximum nutritional benefit from each of its ingredients .: Vitamins, minerals, fiber …

Of course in “Salads Freshness of the earthIt also includes dishes made from raw products and other cooked, and even fine salads with anything prepared like baked potatoes or boiled potatoes or pasta salads.

There are salads with a lot of protein, such as “cod scales”, “smoked salmon”, “potatoes with pickles and tuna bellies” and many others.

We have many more options, enriched with all kinds of cheeses such as “tomato salad, green beans, ham and Parmesan” or “bread with tomato, anchovies, mozzarella and basil”.

There are also those that include fruit as the main ingredient, which gives even more freshness to the salad.

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If you like international cuisine or expand your cookbook with recipes from other cultures, you can also find the typical Greek and Bulgarian salads or “tabule”, a salad prepared with couscous, which is very light and fresh.

In the recipe book “Salads. Freshness of the Earth ”includes, in addition to the ingredients and the processing or preparation of each dish, information about the products used and comments or the latest tips, which we consider very successful.

If you like salads, you will like them, and if you do not like them too much, it will be of great help, because it will give you hundreds of ideas to make much more appetizing dishes.

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Salads Freshness of the Earth

Salads, the freshness of the earth is the second book in the series Con Sabor a Mediterráneo. Tradition and sophistication come together to offer you from basic salads (lettuce, tomatoes, onions and olives) to all sorts of combinations with legumes, pasta, potatoes, fish, crispy, salted and, why not ?, Lime or Parmesan Air cookie. A book that invites mixing, daring and above all change, so that everyone can give their own touch.

Written by: Marion Quadrado Monteverde

Published by: Lectio

ISBN number: 978-8496754171

Available in:Hard cover


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