The “blue” drink HPNOTIQ changes its design


The “blue” drink wants to convey a more modern image and for this reason has changed its design, improving the visibility of its logo, the silver spiral line, in accordance with the name that characterizes it. HPNOTIQ.

HPNOTIQ, the blue drink

HPNOTIQ an elegant blend of exotic fruit juice, with a predominant note of passion fruit, orange peel and blueberries, which gives it the characteristic blue color and a fine touch of alcohol, which makes it very pleasant to drink, as it has only 17% alcohol.

HPNOTIQ, the blue drink

According to the distributor, this drink is a new product category, suitable only for the most chic consumer. A combination of color and taste, which together with the design of its packaging means that no one can remain indifferent.

HPNOTIQ, the blue drink



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