The best Iberian recipes for pork, the book

The Iberian pig breeder Manuel Sanchez Gomez-Melero, a great connoisseur of the qualities of this breed, restores in the form of a cookbook a great culinary heritage with recipes from all eras, to which he gives a personal touch.

In this practical guide, we find from a brief history of this animal to details of traditional slaughter and something that will be very useful when searching for recipes, as Manuel distributes in this book 200 different preparations, arranged according to the most pieces and cuts. juicy by the Iberian pig.

In this way we can find dishes from Iberian pork fillet, from some delicious “Pineapple Escalops” to “Strips of loin with raisins and pine nuts”, not forgetting the different types of ragout, marinated, mechado, etc.

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A very complete book that will give us a new vision of the Iberian pig in the kitchen, in addition to being a basic cookbook in our gastro library.

Iberian pork The best recipes

Autor: Manuel Sánchez Gómez-Merelo
Colección: Manuales de cocina
Páginas: 192
PVP: 20,90 euros
ISBN: 978-84-03-50682-4
Edición: 2007
Más información: El país aguilar

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