Tefal Wikook pressure cooker, cooking easier and faster


Tefal presents new concept of pressure cooker “Wikook® from Tefal”

Tefal Wikook pressure cooker

This new pressure cooker , “Wikook® from Tefal”, allows you to prepare our favorite dishes in a simpler, cleaner and faster way, adding ingredients whenever you want, with complete safety.

And because? Well, thanks to the innovative design of its lid, which allows it to be opened in just a few seconds, even during cooking, the ingredients can be added or removed at any time.

How many times did you stay out of the ingredient when preparing the recipe? As if that wasn’t enough, its three positions of use (opening, releasing and closing steam) are practical, safe and very intuitive. That’s why it’s so easy to use, even for apprentice chefs!

Tefal Wikook pressure cooker

Did you know that with this exclusive cooking system, Wikook®, can we save up to 25% of time and energy? For example with Wikook® from Tefalif you want to prepare a Roast beef It will only take 13 minutes compared to 45 minutes for a traditional system. Or also when preparing some Carbonara RavioliKeep in mind that with this new pressure cooker it will take 10 minutes instead of 20. Overall, less cooking time, less power consumption, more savings!

The new sweat Wikook® from Tefal It has a capacity of 4 liters, ideal for 4 people, offers 20kPa pressure and measures only 30 x 22 cm. That is why it is ideal for cooking every day without waiting for special occasions. In addition, thanks to its compact design, it can be stored in small rooms and kitchens.

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Tefal Wikook pressure cooker

This “big little jewel of the kitchen”, away from reality, with Wikook® from Tefal your kitchen will be faster, easier and healthier. Because with the pot Wikook® You can prepare many dishes, keeping all the vitamins in the diet. Proof of this is that it is sold accompanied by a book that includes 27 delicious, tasty and very healthy recipes.

Do you like the new pressure cooker Wikook® from Tefal?

Tefal Wikook

The new Wikook from Tefal is a new concept of the pressure cooker, which allows you to prepare your favorite dishes faster, adding ingredients whenever you want, with complete safety. In addition, as it is more compact, it is ideal for four people and can be stored anywhere.

Brand: Tefal

Model: Wikook

Product ID: P6060401



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