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Tava, Pepsico’s new drink for so-called “digital immigrants”.

Tava, the new Pepsi (2)

This new product from Pepsico It will be available only in the US market and is aimed at a general and specific audience, which the company itself calls “digital immigrants”.

And who are these? These are people between 35 and 49 years old. Men and women who spend a lot of time online. Although what really sets them apart from what the little ones do on the Internet is that in addition to looking at their email, they are looking for travel information, music, or healthy food.

Tava, the new Pepsi (1)

Well, you’ll find that in the tray. Healthy product, low in calories and enriched with vitamins E, B6 and B3, without caffeine.

Tava is available in three different flavors, Tahitian Tamure: tropical fruit with a hint of citrus; Brazilian samba: passion fruit and pineapple mixed with a touch of lemon and Mediterranean fiesta: Mediterranean aromas of orange and tangerine.

Three unique flavors for a refreshing and carbonated drink, which for now will be tasted only on the other side of the lake.

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