Strawberry mousse and white chocolate

Strawberry mousse and white chocolate

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4 servings


Today in the Family Kitchen with Javier Romero we have a simple and delicious dessert. I promise you that this strawberry mousse with white chocolate is one of the richest desserts you will prepare. It may seem complicated to call something a mousse, but nothing is further from the truth. You need to make 3 separate preparations and then put them all together. First of all, you need to prepare a strawberry backdrop, which is just a very fine jam that stays liquid. While the backstage is being made, we will whip the cream in a mechanical mixer like the one I have in the online store (you can see it CLICK HERE). And when we prepare the backstage, we will let it cool and in what is needed for cooling, we will melt the white chocolate. Then you just have to collect everything and leave it to cool so that it takes a good consistency.

Strawberries are a product that we find today all year round, but when it is the season, you should take advantage of it. As it is now June, we are already finishing the season, so take the opportunity to prepare this mousse. I have other desserts with strawberries in the family kitchen like yogurt and strawberries,, Strawberry shortcake for Valentine’s Day and finally gypsy shoulder of cream and strawberries. They are all desserts that you can take advantage of to prepare on a day of celebration, because you will be luxurious.

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To make the strawberry backdrop, we will put a casserole on the fire with 300 g of sugar, 150 ml of water and the juice of half a lemon. We will make a syrup with this and then we will add 1 kg of clean and chopped strawberries without the handle.

    White chocolate mousse mousse Step 1

When the strawberries are completely removed, we will crush the contents of the casserole until a fine cream is obtained.

    White Chocolate Mousse Mousse Step 2

Let it reduce a little until it becomes like a thick broth, but not much, when it cools, it will thicken even more. Then we put it in a bowl through a strainer to remove seeds and others, and save.

    White chocolate mousse mousse Step 3

While it cools, we will beat the cream in the bowl of our mixer, adding the liquid cream and the powdered sugar. We will start beating at a low speed until the sugar integrates and then we will reach a medium high speed. We will keep it like this until it becomes very thick, but not so much that it becomes butter.

    White chocolate mousse mousse Step 4

If you have a mechanical mixer like mine, you can melt the white chocolate while the cream is whipping. For this we will put a casserole in which we can put a metal bowl to make the water bath with water to half more or less. Then we will put the chopped white chocolate in a bowl with a spray of milk.

    White chocolate mousse mousse Step 5

In order for the mousse to acquire a greater consistency, we will hydrate the two gelatin sheets in a bowl with a little water. In which the white chocolate is completely melted and the sheets are hydrated, we will put them and mix them with the chocolate.

    White chocolate mousse mousse Step 6

And now that we have everything ready, we will continue to mix everything. First we will cut two strawberries and add them to the bowl with cream, mixing the next one to distribute them well. Then we will add the strawberry backdrop and continue in the same way.

    White chocolate mousse mousse Step 7

When the chocolate hardens a bit (it doesn’t cool because it would harden), we will add it to the bowl and stir until we get a homogeneous mixture.

    White chocolate mousse mousse Step 8

After mixing the mousse well, we will put it in the refrigerator for a few hours. You can either put it on a plate before you put it in the fridge, or put it later with the help of a pastry bag.

    White chocolate mousse mousse Step 9

After two hours you can decorate it as you want and you can now eat this delicious strawberry mousse and white chocolate.

    White chocolate mousse mousse Step 10

And that’s it, friends, we have completed our recipe for making strawberry mousse and white chocolate. A dessert that will make you luxurious, so I hope you will make it very soon in your respective homes, and later tell me the result on social networks. I say goodbye now, I’m waiting for you in the next recipe, which I will publish here in Family Kitchen.

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