Stewed rabbit with walnut sauce


Stewed rabbit with walnut sauce

Stewed rabbit with walnut sauce

60 ‘

4 servings


135 kcal

How to make a stewed rabbit with walnut sauce. Hello friends! How are you? If you are not well, I think today I have something that will lift you up at once. This is a reissue of one of my oldest recipes, rabbit stew with walnut sauce, a sauce you can use in more dishes, so pay attention. Little by little we are reforming the new site and for some time we have been fixing the oldest and thinnest recipes from the Family Kitchen repertoire, which from the very beginning and without much money we made recipes with mediocre and rather rotten photos why not say so. However, we tried to do the best job we could and one of these recipes was this rabbit with walnut sauce, which I bring back to you today with new photos and videos.

As for the recipe itself, this is a traditional stew. The kind in cookbooks from decades ago that will never go out of style for many reasons. Because it’s simple, because it’s cheap and because it’s very good. I also think that walnut sauce can be used to make as many stews as possible. And speaking of stews, as recipes are so popular, I want to show you some of the ones I posted in Family Kitchen so you can expand your cookbook. I’ll start with meat, which is not as common as others in stews. I’m talking about the lamb. Meat that is usually eaten roasted, not stewed, but it’s really good in this second way. Two of the recipes I have in this regard are lamb chilindrón and on lamb stew with vegetables. Another meat that we can not forget when talking about stews is beef. Veal gives stews a texture that other meats cannot, as there is a lot of gelatin that is released in the sauces that accompany it. Here we have beef stew with beer, on beef stew in the gardener and on fricandó, a stew with many traditions in Catalonia.

The next stew is very unusual, although it really is stew. This is one of my favorite dishes, although it is not edible all year round or in abundance because it is quite strong. I am talking about Chickpeas with tripe, a dish that may seem unusual, but I assure you it is delicious. I wanted to include fish stew, although it is not fish, fish, because they are squid and shrimp. The recipe in question is called squid and shrimp with American sauce. As I said in the case of today’s recipe, this sauce will be used in many other recipes.

Ingredients for 4 people

Photo of the ingredients

1 – Cut and seal the rabbit slices

We will start cooking this rabbit with walnut sauce by washing the rabbit slices well and removing any excess fat. Then add salt and pepper to give them a good taste and pass them through flour. Then put a pan on the fire with a lot of oil to mark the rabbit slices.

Cut and seal the rabbit slices

2 – Put the rabbit to cook with a little water

After we have fried the rabbit slices, we put them in the casserole in which we will make the stew and add a little water. Light the fire and slowly cook the rabbit while making the sauce on the other side.

We put the rabbit to cook with a little water

3 – On the other hand we make the sauce for the sauce

To prepare the sauce, you need to peel all the garlic, peel and slice the onion and carrot and then put the pan on the fire with olive oil covered underneath. When hot, add the garlic and fry it a little before adding the onion and carrot with a little salt.

On the other hand, we make the sauce for the sauce

4 – We continue to cook the walnut sauce

When the onions and carrots are almost ready, add the peeled and sliced ​​aubergines. Add salt and cook until the eggplant is soft. Meanwhile, pour the cream and add a little freshly ground black pepper.

We continue to cook the walnut sauce

5 – Crush the sauce and add it to the rabbit

Stir a little and pour everything into a measuring cup. Blend with a blender until a homogeneous sauce and return it to the pan where the rabbit is.

Crush the sauce and add it to the rabbit

6 – Crush the walnuts in the mortar and add them to the stew

While the rabbit is cooking with the sauce, crush the walnuts in a mortar until they become powdery. If you have boiled rabbit liver, you can mash it with walnuts, but this is optional. Then pour the nuts into the rabbit casserole and mix them with the sauce.

Crush the walnuts in the mortar and add them to the stew

7 – Cook for a few minutes

Allow the rabbit to cook in the sauce for about 15 minutes until the sauce is thick. If at some point you see that it dries excessively, with a little water we will fix it.

We cook for a few minutes

8 – Serve and enjoy

And you are already friends. We finished our rabbit in walnut sauce. I hope to prepare it very soon at home and upload the final photo on Instagram, mentioning my account 55000 Recipes. This way I will know that you have made one of my recipes and I will be able to share it in my profile either as a post or in the stories. Nothing more for today. Tomorrow more and better here at Family Kitchen.

We serve and enjoy



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