Spherifications and Pasta, a book by Claudy Mann

Spherifications and pasta, the science of traditional and modern cuisine is a book by Professor Claudi Mann, with a foreword by chef Ferran Adria.

Yesterday, Claudius Man Teixido’s book “Spherifications and Pasta” was presented at the University of Barcelona. Tom with a foreword by chef Ferran Adria,

As the synopsis tells us, Spherifications and Macaroni are not cookbooks, although they are not science books. This is a book that will teach us science through the kitchen, or vice versa.

C spherification,, is broadcast,, mousses,, emulsions,, gelsetc., Claudius Mans will teach us through practical examples such as recipes for the importance of science in the kitchen “techno-emotional“So malicious lately, by the way, when he was the one who rose to star Spanish haute cuisine in the last years.


In the ten chapters that make up this book, the philosophy of the movement of this new kitchen is assessed at different times, trying to clarify and discuss the false myths and legends that surround it, presenting it as a valid opportunity for discovery and respect, even if the reader does not agree with this.

Except “new kitchen“There is also talk of more homework. As a curious fact I tell you that Mans will show us how to do a liquid towel, viewed from the perspective offered by the laboratory microscope or, in the light of Christmas, recipe of a Russian salad deconstructed.

In short, “Spherifications and pasta. Science in traditional and modern cuisine “is a new work in which, in addition to explaining the texture of food and how it is measured, we will find more than 30 recipes and several” experiments “, such as french fries, pears in wine or grilled steak, including the famous recipe for “Deconstructed potato omelette”By Ferran Adria.

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Spheres and pasta. Science in traditional and modern cuisine

ISBN: 978-84-344-6916-7

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Pages: 320

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