Spaghetti with cheese sauce, quick and tasty


Spaghetti with cheese sauce, quick and tasty

Spaghetti with cheese sauce, quick and tasty


4 servings


361 calories

Spaghetti with cheese sauce

Today we have one pasta recipe What can even a man do? he has never touched a frying pan in his life. It is prepared only 20 minutes and contains very few ingredients. All this makes these spaghetti with cheese sauce ideal for placing in one of the daily meals. It’s up to you to bring them to work in a bowl, because when you bring cheese and butter sauce, it will make them a little pasta when they cool. my advice is to eat them as soon as they are done.

The recipes for pasta are the beginning of many people who is encouraged to cook. I’m sure most young people know how to handle it pasta with tomatoes and chorizobut like everything in life, it requires improvement to be achieved maximum pleasure. Tomato and chorizo ​​pasta are good to start with, but then you need to learn how to make pasta the perfect point and then discover different tricks so you don’t always eat it the same way. Today I offer a very simple alternative to this typical (and great) recipe, so you can add it to your repertoire.

Ingredients for 4 people

Photo of the ingredients

1 – Put the pasta to cook

We start by putting a large pan with a lot of water to heat. When it boils, add a tablespoon of salt and after stirring, add the pasta. The cooking time will be specified by the manufacturer.

Put the pasta to cook

2 – Melt the butter

As soon as we heat the water, put a large pan (it should hold all the pasta later) and add the butter and bacon.

Melt the butter

3 – Fry the bacon

Gradually the butter will melt and the bacon will begin to cook. We have to wait for it to brown a bit before proceeding with the next step.

bake the bacon

4 – Add the evaporated milk and cheese

Add the evaporated milk and powdered cheese to the golden bacon. Stir until the cheese is melted.

Add the evaporated milk and cheese

5 – Put the pasta next to the sauce

Drain with the cooked pasta and put in the pan. We take it out well to soak it well from the sauce. At this time we have to prepare the table and everyone sitting down to eat freshly prepared spaghetti with cheese sauce and enjoy them to the best.

Put the pasta together with the sauce

6 – We finished the spaghetti with cheese sauce

And that’s friends. We finished our spaghetti with cheese sauce. I hope you prepare them soon at home and upload the final photo on Instagram, mentioning my account 55000 Recipes.

Nothing else for today. Tomorrow more and better here at Family Kitchen.

We finished the spaghetti with cheese sauce



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