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Beer lovers in Japan will be able to enjoy a “space” drink from November, as it will be made with rye produced from seeds that have traveled in space.

The “space beer” will be produced by the Sapporo brewery (Japan), which will make a special edition of 100 bottles.

The rye used to make the space beer will be harvested next weekend and comes from seeds that have been on board for five months. International Space Station.

We assume (knowing the Japanese) that they will make this harvest a national event. According to Sapporo company spokesman Momoko Matsumura, “We can’t wait to try space beer.” We also. Sapporo beer brewed in space

The history of this project began when the Sapporo company, in partnership with Okayama University biologists working with the Russian space team, sent 26 grams of rye into space to be stored at the station from April to September 2006.

This project is part of a study on the adaptability of plants to environmental changes and the impact of stress on space travel of these characteristics.

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After returning from space, Sapporo planted 4 grams of these seeds in his research field northeast of Tokyo. Now the company hopes to collect about 45 kilograms of rye to make the space beer, which will not be sold at least for now, but from time to time.

Although, according to Matsumura, scientists have so far found no difference between rye that traveled in space and that that remained on earth. Text words, do not lie. Will they sell us smoke, even if it’s a place? What do you think? By: agroinformación More information (in Japanese): Sapporo beer

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