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Soup recipe for every day of the week

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Soup recipe for every day of the week: presentation

Soups, especially in winter, are the star dish in many homes. There are so many recipes for soup that it becomes a very versatile dish. I leave you 6 soups to choose from and enjoy how soothing the hot soup is for the body. They are ideal as an appetizer and also as a single dish for light dinners.

Thanks to the blogs that collaborate on this compilation for providing me with their recipes.

To see the recipe step by step, you need to click on the name of the dish or on the image that will direct you to the blog of its author.

Compilation: Soup recipe for every day of the week

From the blog Masito’s kitchen I suggest this Piccadilly soup and an egg that will fit on your finger like a ring on the coldest days. It is very easy to prepare and with few ingredients.

From Julia and her recipes I leave that to you very well Creamy garlic soup this will delight every palate. Very soothing soup, perfect as a first course or as a single dish for your dinners.

From the blog My kitchen pieces I love this Easy fish soup ideal for any celebration and with very simple ingredients from which you can choose the ones you like the most at home.

From Cook in good hours I will suggest this Onion soup It is usually served with Gruyère or Emmental cheese on top and is a real treat. Perfect for warming the body.

From the blog Smell of mint I bring you this Rice soup which is ideal for soothing the stomach. You can add more or less rice to make it a unique dish.

From my blog 55000 Recipes by Anna, I leave you this Fish soup with mushrooms and shrimp full of taste and that you can serve at any celebration.

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